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About Me

Marie Mbenoun | Web Designer & Developer

Computer Science Graduate. I am passionate about programming, but also enjoy arts, culture and languages. I love taking on new challenges, learning and sharing my knowledge with others. Offline, I enjoy reading, listening to music, playing tennis or spending time with loved ones.
Me at a glance:

  • Cameroonian Developer Proudly Cameroonian
  • Developers in South Africa Lives in South Africa
  • Web Designer & Developer Specialties: Design - Coding - Tutoring - Cooking

Coding Experience

I have worked on some awesome projects over the past few years. I enjoy developing in a variety of sectors, and my experience ranges from personal portfolio sites to mobile apps landing pages to business sites.I have also participated in a few hackthons.

Cameroonian Developer & Designer


I love learning new technologies.
From 3D modelling to mobile and web design, I strive to create products that provide an enjoyable user experience.

  • HTML5

  • CSS3




  • PHP

  • GIT



  • .NET





  • C#

  • JAVA


  • JSON

  • UX

  • SEO


  • Angular

  • Wordpress

  • Bitbucket


Have a look at some of the projects I have worked on.
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Wedding website - Designed by Marie Mbenoun

Wedding website

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Tourism Entrepreneur Network - Designed by Marie Mbenoun

Tourism Entrepreneur Network

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Kamaroutes  - Designed by Marie Mbenoun


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Creative And Moving - Designed by Marie Mbenoun

Creative And Moving

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T.E.M. 2018 Event - Designed by Marie Mbenoun

T.E.M. 2018 Event

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Adlibber Landing Page and Ad Consumption page - Designed by Marie Mbenoun

Adlibber Landing Page and Ad Consumption page

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Trailarent - Designed by Marie Mbenoun


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Trailersales - Designed by Marie Mbenoun


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Camwomen - Designed by Marie Mbenoun


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Helpout App  - Designed by Marie Mbenoun

Helpout App

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Contact Me

Do you want to discuss a potential project, feel free to drop me a line.
Or if you just want to say Hi, you are welcome as well.